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Maui is a wonderfully warm place that has so much to offer! But sadly, it has no snow. So get ready to meet Rocky the Stoneman and experience his life in Maui as he imagines Frosty the Snowman in colder regions. This is a unique and charming story that can be read in a variety of ways! Order your copy to enjoy with your ‘ohana now.

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“Lei Ana ‘o Haleakalā” and “Ku‘u Ipo O Ke Kai Loa”

Tarvin’s debut “single” is comprised of two new compositions - “Lei Ana ‘o Haleakalā” and “Ku‘u Ipo O Ke Kai Loa.” You can purchase them on iTunes,, and many other digital download sites, or sample it below on his Reverbnation account. 

“I'm extremely proud of this release, my first as a solo artist. Keola Donaghy composed the mele and I the music for “Lei Ana ‘O Haleakalā”, which celebrates Maui’s famed mountain. The “B” side, “Ku‘u Ipo O Ke Kai Loa,”  is a Hawaiian language reinterpretation by Keola of a classic Hawai‘i popular song. Can you tell what it is by listening?”

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